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Custom-Built furniture

Welcome to Southern Rust Furniture, the heart of custom, industrial-style furniture with a rustic twist, located near Matthews, NC. In a world where the unique and personal touch in home decor has become increasingly sought after, Southern Rust Furniture stands out as one of the best furniture stores in Matthews NC. 

Our small, family-owned business has been redefining spaces with our distinctive furniture pieces since 2015, inspired by the gap we noticed in the market for high-quality, industrial-style furniture that also embraces the warmth and character of rustic wood accents.

rustic industrial L shaped desk
Rustic Industrial Desk

Crafted With Passion, Designed For You

At Southern Rust Furniture, our philosophy is simple: to merge the raw, industrial strength of steel with the natural beauty and warmth of wood, creating furniture that’s not only functional but also tells a story. As one of the best furniture stores in Matthews NC, our dedicated team of four craftspeople brings your vision to life, ensuring that each piece we create is imbued with personal attention, care, and unparalleled craftsmanship.

The Team That Makes It Happen

  • John – The Visionary: With a background in welding and custom motorcycle creation, John has seamlessly transitioned his skills into furniture making, specializing in custom pieces that capture the imagination.
  • Nicole – Management & Craft Expert: Nicole ensures that every detail of your design is communicated and executed perfectly, managing everything from orders to the final touches in the finishing process.
  • Liza – Lead Welder: Trained by John, Liza handles the intricate welding required for our desks and cabinets, ensuring strength and durability.
  • Skeeter – Wood Fabrication Specialist: Skeeter’s expertise in selecting and preparing wood complements John’s work, ensuring that every piece of wood is perfect for your custom furniture.

Our Commitment to Quality and Customization

Southern Rust Furniture takes pride in our end-to-end, in-house process. From sourcing materials locally to crafting, constructing, and shipping, our team’s hands are the only ones that touch your custom furniture, ensuring a level of quality and customization that is unmatched.

custom Rustic furniture

Expanded Catalogue of Highlighted Custom Pieces

Our catalogue showcases the versatility and creativity of our team, offering pieces that beautifully blend industrial and rustic elements:

Industrial Kitchen Island ($2,500.00)

A centerpiece that combines utility with aesthetic appeal, enhancing the heart of your home with its unique design and functionality.

U-shaped Rustic Industrial Reception Desk ($4,100.00)

Make a lasting first impression with a reception desk that features a blend of rugged industrial and warm rustic styles.

Rustic Farmhouse Industrial Bar ($1,300.00 – $3,500.00)

The perfect addition for the modern entertainer, this bar brings the charm of a rustic farmhouse into your home, creating a cozy and inviting space.

Rectangle Leg Industrial Desk ($1,100.00)

This desk combines modern industrial design with rustic charm, perfect for creating a productive and stylish workspace.

Lateral Industrial Rustic Steel Filing Cabinet – 2 Drawers ($2,200.00 – $2,600.00)

Blend functionality with style in your office with a filing cabinet that stands out for its design and durability.

Rustic Industrial Entertainment Cabinet ($4,000.00)

Elevate your living space with an entertainment cabinet that’s as functional as it is aesthetically pleasing, offering a stylish solution for your media needs.

Industrial Rustic L Desk with X Ends ($2,300.00 – $3,300.00)

Maximize your workspace with an L-shaped desk that features a modern industrial design accented with rustic wood for a warm, inviting feel.

Rustic Industrial Media Console ($3,100.00 – $6,000.00)

Organize your media space with a console that combines the raw beauty of industrial design with the warmth of rustic wood, making it a standout piece in any room.

Custom designs Tailored for You

As one of the best furniture stores in Matthews NC, we understand that each customer has a unique vision for their space. That’s why we offer complete customization for our furniture pieces, ensuring that what you bring into your home or office is not just furniture, but a reflection of your style, personality, and lifestyle.

Discover the Southern Rust Difference

Located just outside Matthews, NC, Southern Rust Furniture invites you to explore the endless possibilities of custom furniture design. Connect with us today to discuss your project, and let’s create something beautiful together. Your dream piece is only a conversation away.