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Southern Rust Furniture

Custom-Built furniture

Southern Rust Furniture started in 2015 near Charlotte, North Carolina. We saw folks who wanted top-notch industrial furniture with rustic wood touches. From a family hobby, we’ve grown into a well-respected local spot, crafting furniture with a tale to tell. You’ll find us among the best furniture stores in Hickory, NC.

Our goal? Crafting furniture that lasts. We blend practicality with artistic touches, making pieces as special as our customers. We reckon handmade furniture can truly change a space, turning houses into homes.

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Customization and local sourcing, as well as in-house craftsmanship, are all available

At Southern Rust, we’re hands-on every step of the way, from start to finish. Our team sticks close with each client, starting from the first chat about design to the final touch of staining and sealing.

Customizing is what we’re all about. We team up with clients to bring their ideas to life, offering personalized options to match their space and style just right. Plus, we’re big on backing the local scene and keeping things green. We get our materials – steel and reclaimed wood – right from local suppliers in North and South Carolina.

In Hickory, NC, we’re known as one of the top spots for furniture shopping. Your happiness is what drives us, plain and simple.

Customization and Quality Assurance

We’re all about flexibility, and ready to handle any custom request you throw our way. That means your final piece won’t just meet but surpass your hopes. Whether it’s tweaking sizes to fit snug spots or adding extra shelves for practicality, we’ve got you covered.
Quality is our middle name. Every step, from picking materials to packing up for shipping, is part of our top-notch assurance process. We make sure you get nothing short of perfection.

Why choose Southern Rust furniture?

At Southern Rust Furniture, we’re all about using top-notch materials from local sources and giving you plenty of ways to customize. Our furniture isn’t just something you put in your home—it becomes part of your family’s story, built to last.

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We are one of the top furniture stores in Hickory NC and we can help you make your furniture dreams come true. We invite you to contact us if you have any questions or are ready to begin designing.