Custom Built Rustic Furniture

Custom pieces are our specialty. From big to small, from tame to wild. If you can
imagine it, we can make it happen. We love it when someone comes to us with an idea,
wanting to make it a reality. We have had ideas sketched out on a napkin, laid out with
a computer program, or just told to us in an email or over the phone. However you can
convey your idea, we will translate that into a piece you love.

Although most of our pieces are office furniture, that’s not all we do. We can build
headboards and bedroom pieces, kitchen islands, dining room tables, entry way tables,
TV stands, cool accent tables for your living room, and any other piece you can

At some point, all the pieces you see were the idea of a previous customer. We have
built a line of products from customers liking a certain piece, and customizing it to their

John has spent his life taking people’s ideas and making them a reality. It all started in
the custom motorcycle business, as a chopper fabricator and builder. He loves the
challenge of creating something for the first time.

Our Process

One of the things we like to pride ourselves on here at Southern Rust Furniture is the fact that we do EVERYTHING in-house.


Sourcing Materials

Steel: Our steel is purchased in bulk from a local supplier and cut specifically for your piece. Once welded in place, each piece is cleaned and then coated in a protective coating to prevent rust.

Wood: The wood we use on most pieces is sourced from a local supplier. We stay away from the big box stores, as we like to support the small business in our local area.


Crafting Your Piece

Once back in our shop, each piece undergoes a meticulous process:

  • Planning to ensure all pieces are the same thickness.
  • Cutting the correct lengths and straight edges on each side.
  • Gluing pieces together to form one cohesive piece.
  • Fixing any imperfections in the wood.
  • Sanding multiple times for a smooth finish.

Staining and then coating with multiple layers of protective coating.



We use high-quality cabinet-grade plywood to hand-make each drawer individually, facing each drawer with the same species of wood your top is made from. This ensures your piece comes together seamlessly, equipped with high-quality ball-bearing drawer glides.


Assembly and Shipping

  • Final Assembly: John and Liza ensure everything fits together perfectly.
  • Custom Pallets: Skeeter determines the size pallet needed for your piece, builds it herself, and along with Liza, ensures your piece is wrapped up tightly and protected for its journey.
  • Shipping: Once secured to a pallet, we load your piece onto a freight truck. Nicole will then send you all the tracking information and delivery instructions.

Once delivered, we are always just a phone call away should any questions arise.

From beginning to end, our four sets of hands are on every single aspect of your build.  We love the flexibility it provides you, the customer.  We can make things fit in tight spaces, we can add extra shelving, and we can turn your chicken scratch sketch on a napkin into a piece you will cherish for years to come.