Southern Rust

About Us

At Southern Rust, we’ve been building furniture since 2015. We love making furniture, and we love working one on one with customers. As our business grew, we noticed more and more of a need for custom-built furniture. Our clients had excellent ideas for unique pieces that would be functional and beautiful in their space. We believe no one knows what’s best for your home more than you. That’s why we work so hard to customize each piece of furniture for the individual buyer.

We love creating creative custom pieces and applying our expert craftsmanship to each piece we build. Our family has deep roots in North Carolina, and we work hard to source as many local materials as possible. We believe in supporting our local economy and work hard to source our wood and steel locally.

We’re a family business, and it brings great joy to design and build future family heirlooms for your family. We love our Southern Rust community, and although we ship all over the country, the design process is still one on one. We want to make sure we have every detail right for you. When you work with us, you’ll get the best—end of the story. Contact us today to get started.